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I had been hesitant about undergoing cataract surgery for years due to my fears, but I want to reassure others that there's no need to be afraid. The entire process at Garden State Eye Center was straightforward and transparent. I had complete faith in Dr. Rothkopf and his team. After the drops were put into my eyes, I immediately felt a sense of relief. The benefits in terms of vision were truly remarkable. Watching television and reading the newspaper became a pleasure again as everything appeared crystal clear. One moment that made me smile was when I was in the kitchen, and the flames on the stove seemed brighter and more vivid than ever before. I am sincerely grateful to Garden State Eye Center for the successful procedure and its positive impact on my life.


Lucile D.

Very satisfied with Dr. Rothkopf; he is very thorough and clear in his diagnoses.


Rafael G.

Courteous, professional, helpful. Nice personal attention versus box stores.


Michael H.

Review 4


Jane D.


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